The Regular EP

by Like Lions

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released August 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Like Lions Albany, New York

Describing Like Lions is difficult. It starts with five guys who share a drive for creating music that is passionate & powerful. Like Lions has been compared to bands like The Chariot, Lower Definition, & UnderØath. Come experience a chaotic live show and pick up a free copy of The Regular EP. Stay tuned for their upcoming EP "Versus Hyenas". ... more

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Track Name: A Different Type of Tickle
Hocus Pocus you're a waste of my time
& to be honest I've got bigger mountains to climb
I should have put two and two together
but I'm laughing now and never felt better
Free falling now just to see where I land
into the ocean just to breathe or with my feet in the sand
I'm spiraling down, down, down, down, DOWN
and can't you see x 3
that I believe in you, I yelled
from these hands you once held
Its time to give up, its time to give in
and all hopes lie within, and I cant forgive you
for you have not sinned, you have not sinned
and god its easier to forget than forgive
take time to breathe and learn to live
live life your own with no one to steer
and you can think about what happens when you leave
and I'm right here
well FUCK IT
I'm through this will be the last thing I write you, write you
they left, I'm gone
we're two inches close but completely apart
I see where to go but theres no where to start
and I believe in you, I yelled
from these hands you once held
its time to give up, its time to give in
its time well spent and hopes lie within
I can not forgive you, for you have not sinned
Track Name: From the Energy of the Bloom of the Flower
So let me let you in
I should start by introducing myself
I'm a kid with many stories to tell
but a kid with still so much to learn
now I'm not saying my life is shit
but I've been through my own type of hell
Life is a series of trial and error
Better think fast before our next endeavor
never sit still so no time is wasted
keep your mouth close, let your ears listen
besides I'm sure you wouldn't ever know what to say
cause I'm so sick and tired of all that and then some
and I'll go unnoticed and all that I have done
would you really know what to say?
you would make us scream
you would make us yell
what the hell?
Its typical, to know that you wouldn't learn
from these words in the end
So don't ever tell me who I am
I'll never lose sight of what is mine x 3
but I can't promise that you'll make it out alive x 3
Track Name: Who Says We Ain't Outlaws
Oh god he's losing himself
lack of control effecting his health
its time to give up its time to give
mechanical heart infected with sin
but he's not a monster not even a man
and you don't know how it feels
to let go of all that is real
and you dont know how it feels
to let go of all that is real
he is flying high
and lost sight of the planet
he's amongst the stars
into the ocean just to breathe for a while
or with my feet in the sand
and you dont know how it feels to let go of ME!
why can't you understand exactly what I'm saying
is it a dream, is it a nightmare
no more hollow words no more empty thoughts x 3
make it stop
make it stop
and I'm just a monster and barely a man
you've got the upper hand
so make this stop
you talk out you ass make it stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Track Name: Ello Guvna
And I'll write the song to finish them all
the one to brace my fall
will we let it be okay
and let this feeling stay
its next to impossible to feel secure
but I'll make the best of what I got x 2
my feet still stand firmly on this ground
as I gaze into your eyes without a sound
but to brake this silence we both know
would help these emotions grow
cause I'm so sick of the nights
where I stand wondering if you still want this
cause I dont want it
were these feelings real or just a dream?
or just a figment of my imagination
Perceptions twisted now
and we're fading in and out
no this is never what you wanted
but this is what you get
don't worry I'll clean it up x3
Cause I don't know the end of the story x 2
I don't know the end
Track Name: Clarence & I Need to Have a Word
Well can you hear me, now
Well can you hear me
I hope you hear me loud and clear
this is a promise that I'll always be here
and the progress, the progress that you make
will shape the ways, I'll count the way
and the steps you always take
oh girl run away with me
come with me and you will see
that this is not the end of the story

Theres no where to run
Theres no where to hide

Theres no where to run
theres no where to hide
I'll let go of emotion, not hold it inside
its how you'll react that frightens me most
so lets do this together just kick push coast x3

Well can you hear me
I hope you hear me now
Well can you hear me loud and clear x2